What do you Sell?

I sell insurance. What do you sell?

Each week, I call people who have requested more information about mortgage protection insurance or are looking for coverage for themselves or their loved ones for final expenses. I make call after call after call to book appointments for me to go to their houses and visit with the about their needs and help them out.

I don’t sell insurance to make money. I could make money any number of ways. I choose to sell insurance because I get to help people have peace of mind. I help them think about their future in ways that are necessary but are often overlooked in the busyness of everyday life until it’s too late.

When I get done helping a family find coverage that meets their needs and budget, it is a rare occasion when they aren’t thanking me for helping them out and giving them peace of mind. That’s a good feeling – to know I helped a family. That’s what keeps me going in a sales industry.

But I’ve been in sales for all my life. I began work in college with Walmart, and I loved working with customers. I worked with Duck Commander answering calls and packaging orders. I have taught school and been a tutor, selling the need for education and knowledge of mathematics and other subjects. I sell responsibility to my kids as I teach them the value of such virtues.

But the thing I probably have sold the most in my life is insurance.

I’ve been an insurance salesman since I worked for Duck Commander.

When I worked with Phil, he taught me how to teach other people about how to overcome their sin problem and get their body out of the grave, overcoming their death problem. It was then I began selling afterlife insurance.

There are many similarities between life insurance and afterlife insurance. Both are protecting a person with thoughts of a future eventuality. Both are concerned with the death of someone. Both give peace of mind when purchased.

But when it comes to cost, life insurance is cheap. Afterlife insurance is expensive; so expensive, many people aren’t willing to pay the cost.

Afterlife insurance is paid in two ways. The first is with death. The good news is that Jesus paid that part for us. That’s what the cross was about. His death gave us access to life.

The other way afterlife insurance is paid is with life. We pay our lives for afterlife insurance. What I mean by that is this: in order to secure afterlife insurance, we must surrender our lives to the God of the universe who loves us more than we can fathom as devotees to the Savior who gave his life for us, first.

Afterlife insurance is paid through Jesus’ devotion and ratified through our devotion. That’s what a life lived in faith looks like. It is a life surrendered to the Father rather than retained in selfishness.

This is what Jesus was referring to when he said “what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

Jesus calls us all to join him with a secure afterlife. John says this afterlife can be secured (1 John 5:13). Some may say it is secured by belief, but James, brother of Jesus, clarifies that this belief needs to have action attached or it’s useless words.

We are all called to be insurance salesmen and women. That’s what being a disciple is all about (Matthew 28:18-20). Not everyone will be willing to pay the price (Lue 14:25-33). But that doesn’t make it any less necessary for us to share the ability to have peace of mind.

Everyone sells something with their life and actions and words. Everyone around you knows what you’re selling.

I sell insurance. What do you sell?


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