Talking about the Rain

How’s the weather?

Did you see the game last night?

It’s hot out here, isn’t it?!

How are the kids?

What you been up to this week?

Are you glad school has started?

Done anything fun lately?

We sure need rain, don’t we?

We don’t have trouble talking to other people. We talk to people every day. We share stories and laugh with other people. We smile and say hello to strangers we encounter at the register or at the bank or at work.

We talk about all sorts of things. Sometimes we are eager to talk about things. Other times, we would like to be alone, but we talk anyway. And when we talk, we engage in the conversations.

Communication is a two-way street, and not only your words, but your entire physical self communicates in conversation. This is not rocket science or some sociological breakthrough. It’s everyday life. And you participate.

So what do you talk about? When you talk to that customer you’ve had for the last ten years, what do you say? When you speak to aunt Gertrude, what do you talk about? When you visit with your neighbor with whom you’ve been watching the game since you first met, what comes into your conversations?

You will NEVER accidentally do something on purpose. You will never accidentally talk about things that matter.

You’ve been given the great commission to go and tell everyone about Jesus, but how often do you do that? The questions above are easy because they hold no expectation. But they don’t matter, do they? They’re questions about things meant to fill the time and avoid the awkward silences. They will not change a life, unless you make them do so.

Each of these questions can lead you into a conversation about Jesus. Maybe it leads you to talk about the church you are a part of and the love you experience there. Maybe it leads to how God is working in your life. Maybe it leads to struggles they are having that you’ve overcome through your relationship with Jesus. Maybe.

Maybe is a big word. It’s conditional. It has expectation. Maybe will only come to pass if intentionality exists. If you don’t MAKE maybe happen, then it’ll be maybe not.

It’s a little easier for me. I tell people I’m a preacher, and then they start asking questions. But what if you told them you were a minister? You are, aren’t you? Don’t you minister to people as part of a local congregation and the church worldwide? Don’t you call people and visit people and serve people because of your relationship with Jesus?

Maybe a great way to introduce yourself to new people is to tell them you’re a minister with whatever church you associate with. Then, when they ask questions, you have a way to make the conversation go to Jesus and love and salvation and life change. Then, you will change the world because you changed a life through the Holy Spirit at work in you and them.

So here it is: if you’re a born-again, baptized believer in Jesus, saved by His death and resurrection, filled with His Spirit, then I dub thee a minister (actually, I’m the person reminding you what Jesus has already dubbed thee). You don’t have to have an ordination certificate (though you can get one online on the cheap). You just need to live out your calling. When you do, you will have much more to talk about than the rain, the football game, and other things that don’t matter in the scope of eternity.


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